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What is a formula?

Well, generally a formula is a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement. In chemistry, chemical formula or molecular formula is a way of expressing information a ( Full Answer )
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What is formulas?

In technology, I assume you mean the instructions (formulas)entered on a spreadsheet to process the data typed into the cells.
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What is formulae?

It is like: propane + Oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water C3H8 + O2 -> CO2 + H2O
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How did you get the formula for the answer?

It depends on the question asked and the answer expected - neitheris given in the question. Need more information - is this aboutspreadsheets, etc?
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Formula for iron oxide formula?

Formula of 3 types of Iron oxides: Iron(II) oxide= FeO Iron(III) oxide= Fe 2 O 3 Iron(II,III) oxide= Fe 3 O 4
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Where you can the formulas?

Formulas are typed into a spreadsheet cell. For instance: type incell A3 =SUM (A1+A2) and put a random number in A1 and in A2. Thesum total will appear in A3.
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What you is a formula?

A formula can be the method used in math equations; the ingredientsused to make up a baby's bottle at feeding time; or theinstructions used to process data in a spreadsheet.
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What is a formula in IT?

A formula in IT may be the instructions put into a spreadsheet toprocess the data stored on the spreadsheet. Or, it may mean themethod used to use Information Technology corre ( Full Answer )
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The IF formula?

=IF(A1+A2=A3,"True","False") As an example: put this LibreOfficeCalc formula into A4. Type a number in A1 and also in A2, and typethe answer to the sum in A3. If the answer in ( Full Answer )
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What is the formula for NO?

That is one possible formula, NO. Another is NO 2 . Formore, you might wish to consult the nitrogen oxide page onwikipedia which discusses about ten.