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What is fornication?

'Fornication' is sex between persons who are unmarried. The word isgenerally found in formal usage and is derogatory (that is,disapproving--such as in the Bible).

What does it mean to fornicate?

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary ( - \nMain Entry:\nfor·ni·cate \nPronunciation:\n\ˈfȯr-nə (MORE)

Is fornication a sin?

For Muslims, Jews, and Christians, their holy books state that it in fact fornication (which includes two unmarried people having sex) is a sin, but also a grave sin that coul (MORE)
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Do birds fornicate?

Since no species besides humans performs the ceremony of marriage (and even then, many don't bother), yes, they do.
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How do birds fornicate?

Male and female birds have a vent that is called a cloaca. Thisvent is shared by the digestive and reproductive systems. When bothfemales and males are ready to breed, they ru (MORE)

Why is fornication wrong?

Once, Ramakrishna, the Perfect Master in the 1800's, asked one of his disciples if he was still having sex with his wife. The disciple said yes. Ramakrishna pointed to his bod (MORE)

What is forniceal rupture?

A Renal Forniceal rupture is due to outlet obstruction. Hydrostaticpressure increases in the renal pelvis and can result in a rupture.

What does fornicate mean?

Fornication is generally consensual sex betweentwo people not married to each other. For many people, the termcarries an overtone of moral or religious disapproval, but thesi (MORE)