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What does fortification mean?

It means to have structure.. LC9191. And can also mean :. 1. defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen it 2. the art or (MORE)
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What is a military fortification?

Fortification is a defensive structure, like a castle or fort. It may have extra high and thick walls to keep out the enemy. It may also have weapons built in to these walls a (MORE)
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What is a medieval tower for attacking fortification?

One type of Medieval tower for attacking fortifications was aturret. A turret featured lower areas for soldiers to stand andfire arrows, or throw stones. A turret was also cal (MORE)
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What is the fortification problem?

The Fundamental Problem of Fortification is the name given to the concept of the advantages of Offense versus Defense. In preparing a defensive strategy, a business or country (MORE)
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What does Minoan cities had no fortifications mean?

Not quite accurate, towards the end of their reign they did fortify some of their settlements, and their final redoubt/town was built in a very inhospitable, inaccessible loca (MORE)
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What emperor built a fortification wall?

many did, but the great wall of china is one of the more famous fortification wall. Im not quite sure what emperor made it though.
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What is a sentence using fortification?

The army of Rohan tried to reinforce the fortifications of Helms Deep prior to the battle. or simplified: The army tried to reinforce the fortifications of the castle be (MORE)
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Is there military fortifications in Antarctica?

As Antarctica has never been permanently settled by humans, there has historically been little military activity in the Antarctic. While the Antarctic Treaty, which came into (MORE)