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What are the Disadvantages of fortran?

Answer   Up till Fortran 90/95, the language was primarily intended for calculations. It remains one of the best computational languages ever developed, and is still (MORE)

Fortran and COBOL?

The Fortran and COBOL programming languages have both been around  for a long time. Fortran was released around 1957, while COBOL  followed a couple years later. Fortran has (MORE)

What is fullform of FORTRAN?

  Usually thought to mean "Formula Translation", FORTRAN is a blend word name for a software language and compiler whose original full name was "The IBM Mathematical Formu (MORE)

What did they program with fortran?

Not what did they program in Fortran, but what do they program in Fortran. Math. And lots of it. It is used in science and engineering applications for number crunching. It st (MORE)

What does FORTRAN stands for?

FORTRAN stands for : FLAG OFFICER of REGIONAL TERRITORY of ANDAMAN and NICOBAR ISLAND. It is/was a highest Rank Held by any INDIA Naval Officer Posted in Andaman Nicobar Islan (MORE)

Why learn Fortran?

Fortran was designed by, and for, people who wanted raw number-crunching speed . There's a great deal of legacy code written in Fortran, and the embarrassing (to snobs who pr (MORE)

What are the features for fortran?

1. FORTRAN is automated for the scientific purpose only. 2. FORTRAN stands for formula translation. 3. FORTRAN allows the formula directly and perform the task. 4. Allows nam (MORE)