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What was the role of the Roman Forum?

A Roman forum was a combination marketplace and civic center. It was the gathering place of a Roman town where trials were held, civic announcements were posted and news was d (MORE)

What was the role of the ancient Roman Forum?

It depends; the Romans had two types of fora (plural of forum): the forum civilium and the forum venalium. The former was the civic centre, the latter was a commercial forum, (MORE)

What impact did the Roman Forum have on its ancient civilization?

The forum was a reflection of Roman civilisation, rather than  something which had an impact on it. It was a product of this  civilisation.   The city of Rome had  two (MORE)

What could be found at the Roman Forum?

The goods or services you could find in a Roman forum depended on what you wanted. A Roman forum was simply a market place. If you were looking for vegetables, for example, yo (MORE)

What were the uses of the Roman Forum?

A forum was a marketplace. Most specialized in certain goods or services. You could loosely equate them with modern shopping malls. However the main forum , the Forum Romanum (MORE)

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Who was involved in the activities at the Roman forum?

Politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and ordinary peoples. The Roman  forum was the civic centre and had the treasury, the state  archives, the courts, the senate and the comit (MORE)