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Who made up the Fearsome Foursome?

Answer . Several teams' defensive lines from the 1950s through the 1970s have been called the Fearsome Foursome. Click on the 'Fearsome Foursomes' link on this page to see (MORE)
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How do you have a foursome?

A Foursome is 4 people having sex at once. So its easy. Get 3 other people and have sex with them at the same time. ----------------------------------------- low mor (MORE)
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How do you do a foursome?

A foursome can have 3 guys and 1 girl, which in my opinion could be very overwhelming or homophobic if you are guy. There's a . Dick in the vagina . Dick in the ass . Dic (MORE)

How do you spell foursome?

That is the correct spelling of "foursome" (a group of four, as in golf or cards).
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How do you say foursome in French?

A foursome (group of four in a neutral sense) is "un groupe dequatre" in French. It is "un quatuor" when speaking of a group of musicians. It is "une partie carrée" (slang, (MORE)
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What is a two ball foursome in golf?

There are two teams each of two players.. Each team hits the same ball, taking alternate shots.
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What is better a threesome or foursome?

If you are adventurous and lovee doing it with other people then a four. If you like having a small number of people when doing it then a three. In my experience, foursomes (MORE)
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Are foursomes healthy?

Look up "Mitch Sassen" on the show "Las Vegas". He was with Kim, Dawn, and Gina.