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Where was BMW x3 made?

The first generation X3 (2004-2010) was manufactured in Graz, Austria. The second or current generation is being produced in Spartanburg, South Carolina in the U.S.
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How much is it to change the oil on a BMW x3?

  Your BMW recommends synthetic oil, so anything better than $60 is a great deal. Anything more than $90 is a rip-off, unless it comes w/a free detailing or other service. (MORE)

Where is the air intake on a BMW x3 diesel?

The air intake is positioned so it can pull fresh air from the grille. This opening should be well below the location of the actual air filter so water should not be a big is (MORE)

When do you change the timing chain on a BMW X3?

I was on my research for replacing the timing chain for my own X3 2006. Bottom line, it needs not be serviced unless it's making a noise. It could last the life of the engine. (MORE)

Where can you hide a key on the outside of a BMW x3?

ANSWER:   This is what I would do If I were you. Get a zip strip or a cable tie and then lie under the engine area of your car. Look for a brake line or another easy to g (MORE)

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What is x2 times x3?

If x2 and x3 are meant to represent x2 and x3, then x2 times x3 = x5 You find the product of exponent variables by adding the exponents.
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What are the intervals where the graph of y equals x3-3x are increasing?

I am interpreting this as: "On what intervals are the function y=x3-3x increasing?" This function can also be written as f(x)=x3-3x To find out, you must examine the first der (MORE)

Is BMW x3 8 seater?

All models of the BMW X3 (E83 and F25 series) are only 5  seaters
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