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What country is the 'Foxtrot' from?

Dateline: The New York Theatre roof top, New York City, New York, USA, May 29th, 1914.   Further information forthcoming by accessing the related link below:
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What is the meaning of alpha mike foxtrot?

Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot    Pilots and military in general use this as a nice way of saying "Adios Mother F**ker. You may have seen it in the movie Flight of the Intruder w (MORE)
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Alpha mike foxtrot?

It is a use of ICAO spelling alphabet and the initials stand for "Adios, Mother F**ker". It is used mostly by military personnel.
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What are facts about the foxtrot?

1. In the 1940's the foxtrot was more popular then the waltz's in the US.    2. The foxtrot was named after a man named Harry Fox    3 The foxtrot is a smooth, elegant (MORE)

What does alpha charlie bravo delta lima foxtrot mean?

This is the most widely used phonetic alphabet, which is a set of words representing alphabetical letters, e.g. "Delta" for D and "Tango" for T, used in radio or telephone com (MORE)