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What is liberal?

Liberal has a couple of different meanings in political thought. Classical liberalism: a focus on individual rights to liberty and property, and universal equality. This was s (MORE)

What are the steps for FPS?

STEP 1:   what is the challenge?  why is it a challenge?  how does it relate to the future scene?  use words like may, might, and could.  use research to support your i (MORE)

What does FPS stands for?

FPS, in terms of speed, generally means Feet Per Second. It also stands for Frames Per Second, as in the speed at which it shows the frames in a video. FPS also stands for Fir (MORE)

What is the FPS of A 22 Cal?

  it can vary depending on the type, but a Subsonic, .22 LR will do 1000fps where as a R50, .22 LR will do 1070fps and a R25, .22 Short will only do 560fps. Most guns or a (MORE)

How much fps do snipers shoot?

Most snipers have to use their unit or agency supplied ammo and some maybe lucky enough to be able to select it themselves. No matter if it is Military lake City M118 or Feder (MORE)

What does fps means?

FPS generally means Frames Per Seconds. usually referring to how many pictures go by per second in a video or how often your picture is updated in a game. Speaking of games, F (MORE)