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What are some fragrances that can attract men?

Anything that smells like food. Charbroiled steak is very good at attracting most men. While there are some phermones that work on a subconscious level, those scents have not (MORE)

Is fragrance an adjective?

No. Fragrance as a smell or odor is a noun, as is a liquid that  provides it.   The related adjective is fragrant.
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Where are Jo malone fragrances sold?

Jo Malone has an official website and you are able to buy the products there. Also department stores like Nordstrom and Macys are places you are able to buy them if you are un (MORE)
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Where can one purchase Coty fragrances?

You can purchase Coty fragrances online from the Fragrance X website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these fragrances online from retailers such as Amazon and Overstock. (MORE)

Does hibiscus has a fragrance?

There are many types of Hibiscus, few are fragrant .Hibiscus do  have a smell but not of the flowery nature, it's not very  overpowering, though.
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