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What is fragrance?

Fragrance is a smell, an aroma, or an odor. It is usually  associated with pleasant smells (such as flowers). It is also a  synonym for perfume in some cases.
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What is fragrance made out of?

  In consumer products such as perfume, soap and air fresheners, a fragrance is generally an oil created by a person called a perfumer. The oil itself, is made up of numer (MORE)

Is fragrance an adjective?

No. Fragrance as a smell or odor is a noun, as is a liquid that  provides it.   The related adjective is fragrant.
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What causes fragrance?

Fragrance is caused by many different airborne molecules interacting with your olfactory system in the nose. Different molecules create different smells, for example Ammonia c (MORE)
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Which fragrance is the direct?

The fragrance that is the most direct is foot odor. It originates from the foot and is the most direct smelling because it always appears in someone's face and thus, also nose (MORE)

Does hibiscus has a fragrance?

There are many types of Hibiscus, few are fragrant .Hibiscus do  have a smell but not of the flowery nature, it's not very  overpowering, though.
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