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What is is the most fragrant honeysuckle?

My first encounter with this plant was amazing!    I got out of the car in Kendenup, WA, visiting someone's garden for the first time and the first thing to hit my nose (MORE)
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What is fragrant cane?

Fragrant Cane Keneh bosem in Hebrew. Ancient sources identify this with the sweet calmus (Septuagint; Rambam on Kerithoth 1:1; Saadia; Ibn Janach). This is the sweetflag or fl (MORE)

What candle brand is most fragrant?

i Root, <<Just like it looks there<<. YES expensive,  but a votive burns about 20 hours. Oh and the fragrance AAHHHHH  wonderful.
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What does fragrant nectars mean?

Fragrant is an adjective which means "having a fragrance or pleasant smell." "Nectar" was, according to Greek mythology, the drink of the gods, the most delicious and wonderfu (MORE)