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Where is the headquarters of the world wide web?

The web has no central "headquarters". The WWW is made up of several thousands of separate networks that are interconnected. These networks are publically and privately owned, (MORE)

How do you use the World Wide Web?

  Answer   You use a "browser" and related computer software to "connect" your computer to information sources connected to the web somewhere else, making copies of d (MORE)

Where was the world wide web invented?

The World Wide Web could be said to have originated in England, thanks to a relatively unknown chap named Tim Berners-Lee. A software consultant at the European organisation f (MORE)

What are the uses of the world wide web?

you can use the world wide web in how ever way you like from playing games to listening to music, if you have access to the world wide web its like having the world at the pal (MORE)

Do you need the world wide web?

This is a question that would elicit differing and subjective answers. In our modern world, businesses use the web regularly. Many universities rely on the web for students to (MORE)

Is the World Wide Web a database?

No, the World Wide Web is millions of computers connected to the  Internet. Each computer is independant and its content is  independently maintained.
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