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Who has won the eurovision song contest for the UK?

If you are meaning which singers have won for the UK over the last 57 years then the answers are; Sandie Shaw, Brotherhood of Man, Lulu, Katrina & the Waves, and Bucks Fizz. (MORE)
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Why is Israel in the Eurovision song contest?

Israel first participated in the 1973 Eurovision song contest held  in Luxembourg.   Israel is geographically situated in Asia. Israel is eligible to  enter the Eurovisi (MORE)
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Why do they speak french in the eurovision song contest?

Well, of course, they speak three languages - English, French and the host country's. English because, though only one country in Europe has English as its main language, ever (MORE)

Which countries can enter the eurovision song contest?

Active members of the European Broadcasting Union can compete in Eurovision, even if they're oustide the traditional boundaries of Europe. According to the EBU website, the fo (MORE)

Who won the eurovision song contest twice?

Johnny Logan won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland in 1980 with "What's Another Year?" and in 1987 with "Hold Me Now".
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Eurovision Song Contest - 2006?

The cast of The Eurovision Song Contest - 2006 includes: Yuriy Aksyuta as Himself - Russian Commentator Ilias Alexopoulos as Himself - Musician Sandy Altermatt as Herself - Sw (MORE)