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What is a Perkins grant?

A Perkins grant is a vocational education grant. These grants are  given to those who are training for a vocation that does not  require an advanced degree. Once this type o (MORE)

Was Luther Perkins and Carl Perkins brothers?

No. Although both played guitar and performed with Johnny Cash, they were not related. Luther began his professional career with Cash as a member of the Tennessee 2 backup duo (MORE)

How did Luther perkins Die?

He died in hospital after a house fire on August the third, 1968. Luther had gone fishing the day before, had cleaned the fish and apparently fell asleep on the couch with a l (MORE)
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Who is Jane Perkins?

Jane Perkins is an artist. She models using bit of used materials, she now only uses plastic. Her work has brought a lot of inspiration to other artists. She is based in Devon (MORE)

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