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Who was Frances willard?

Frances Willard lived from 1839-1898. She was very active inAmerica's women's suffrage movement, trying to get women the rightto vote and expanding their opportunities in soci (MORE)
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What did Willard Beecher do for a living?

  Willard and Marguerite Beecher were "Adlerian" psychologists who wrote "Parents on the Run" and "Beyond Success and Failure". They practiced in New York City. Their foun (MORE)

Who was Dark Willard?

Discussed at the beginning of Lance Morrow's essay entitled "Evil" featured in a 1992 issue of Time, "Dark Willard" is the hypothetical opposite of the upbeat Today Show repor (MORE)

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What has the author Willard Scott written?

Willard Scott has written: 'If I Knew it Was Going to Be This Much Fun, I Would Have Become a Grandparent Fi' -- subject(s): Grandparenting, Grandparent and child 'The Old (MORE)