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What was Francis Marion's wife's name?

After the Revolutionary War, and at age 54, Francis Marion married a 49-year old cousin, Mary Esther Videau.
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Was Francis bavier married?

I personally worked for Aunt Bee in Siler City NC for a few months. She told me that she had been married to an actor, whom she showed me a picture of the two of them. They di (MORE)

Where is Pope Francis from?

Pope Francis is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is the son of Italian immigrants.  
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Who is Francis Albert?

  Answer   Another great trivia question: Francis Albert was also know as Frank Sinatra.
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Where did Captain Francis Crozier die?

In 1845 he joined Sir John Franklin on the Northwest Passage expedition as captain of HMS Terror. After Franklin's death in June 1847, he took command of the expedition, and h (MORE)

Who is Pope Francis?

Pope Francis was elected by the College of Cardinals on March 13, 2013 which was the second day of the Papal Conclave which is where the Cardinals elect the next Pope.
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Who is francis quesnay?

(born June 4, 1694, near Paris, France - died Dec. 16, 1774, Versailles) French physician and economist. He served as consulting physician to (MORE)