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Has Matthew bellamy tattoos?

    Matthew Bellamy never got tattoos because his mother doesn't let him, however, he does like to draw on his arms. He drew "veins" on his arms once. They are most vi (MORE)

What is a rufus drug?

There is no such thing as a rufus drug. Probably you mean rophies, which is an abbreviation for Rohypnol. It is chemically similar to Valium, but ten times stronger, and somet (MORE)
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What languages can Matthew Bellamy speak?

English, a small amount of French and a small amount of Italian. He can also say certain words in other languages so that he can communicate with the crowd when doing concerts (MORE)

Is Matt Bellamy married?

No, he is dating Kate Hudson. No, but he was engaged to his long time girlfriend, Gaia Polloni until they broke up in September 2009. He was seeing a girl named Sophia Bloxam (MORE)