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Who is Matt bellamy dating?

When Matt was 16 he was dating a girl called Tanya Andrews but their relationship ended after 6 years. He then dated and Italian psychologist, Gaia Polloni. Matt was then dati (MORE)

Did Matt bellamy ever get singing lessons?

  No. But when he went to the doctor, he got his vocal chords examined and the doctor said that they were unusually small, explaining his high singing voice. Here's a vide (MORE)

What movie had William Shatner and Ralph bellamy?

  The show's producers took scenes from a two-part special called "The Defender," starring Steve McQueen as a man on trial for murder. He is defended by a father-son lawye (MORE)
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What languages can Matthew Bellamy speak?

English, a small amount of French and a small amount of Italian. He can also say certain words in other languages so that he can communicate with the crowd when doing concerts (MORE)
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How much does Matthew Bellamy weigh?

It was rumoured that in the Showbiz era, he weighed something  preposterously low like 90lbs, or 6 stone 6. Yeah it sounds  impossible but seriously, watch the video for Uno (MORE)

Were Alexander Hamilton and rufus king friends?

Alexander Hamilton and Rufus King were good friends. They worked closely together to prepare the final draft of the United States Constitution. Hamilton helped King became a U (MORE)