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What did Francisco Franco do to increase global conflict?

Francisco Franco y Bahamonde was a Spanish general, the (successful) leader of the right-wing Nationalist military rebellion in the Spanish Civil War, and authoritarian head o (MORE)

How did Francisco Franco come to power?

He began the Spanish Revolution.    He led a military coup against the democratically elected government of the Spanish Republic in 1936. The Republic armed the workers, w (MORE)

Did Francisco Franco eliminate opposition to his rule?

Large numbers of Republican supporters and other ideological  opponents were rounded up and executed after the Spanish Civil War  - as many as 400,000 in the estimates of so (MORE)

Who was francisco franco wife?

Maria Del Carmen Polo Y Martinez Valdez married Francisco Franco in 1926 and they had one daughter Maria Del Carmen.
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Why is General Francisco Franco important to Spain?

He ruled Spain as an authoritarian dictator from 1939-1975 and was  responsible for much of Spain's neutrality in World War II and  growth during the 1950s and 1960s. He cre (MORE)

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