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Why is Francisco Pizarro important?

 Francisco Pizarro is important because he was a Spanish explorer  who explored Peru; South America and the Pacific coast of South  America. Pizarro's obstacles include go (MORE)

Was Francisco Pizarro old when he died?

  According to this site, Francisco Pizarro's age ranged from 63-70 years old when he was assassinated. I'm (MORE)

What ruler did Francisco Pizarro sail for?

Pizarro sailed for King Charles I who gave him a lot of power over  the newly conquered lands. He kidnapped the Incan emperor and  demanded a ransom. This was paid by a room (MORE)

How did Francisco Pizarro die?

In Lima, Peru, on June 26, 1541, "a group of twenty heavily armed  supporters of young Almagro stormed Pizarro's palace, assassinated  him, and then forced the terrified cit (MORE)

How do you do a brochure about Francisco Pizarro?

The brochure can be made of one sheet of paper, folded into three  sections, so it will have six 'pages'. One page should include a  timeline of Pizarro's life, and part of (MORE)

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