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What did Francisco Vasquez de Coronado die from?

The cause of death was not recorded, but Coronado (1510-1554) was only about 44 years old. So it may have been an illness, or related to an injury he suffered 13 years before (MORE)

What did Francisco Vasquez De Coronado do as a child?

Explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado led an expedition from  Mexico through the southwestern United States. He was born into a  wealthy family, although as a younger child (MORE)

What was the route for Francisco Vasquez de Coronado?

Setting out on February 23rd, 1540 from Compostela with an  estimated complement of 1,700 to 2,400 people, he headed north,  keeping to the east of the Sea of Cortez. They r (MORE)

Who was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado?

Francisco Vasques de Coronado was a Spaniard explorer who searched for the Seven Cites of Gold. But never found it. Instead he found The Pueblo Indians and opened up a large s (MORE)

Was Francisco Vásquez de Coronado married?

Yes, Francisco Vásquez de Coronado was married to Beatriz de Estrada, the daughter of the King of Spain. Beatriz de Estrada was not the daughter of the King of Spain. She was (MORE)