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What is a Francophone?

A francophone is someone who speaks French, especially as his or her main language. Francophone means 'French-speaking'. A person who speaks French, especially anative speaker ( Full Answer )
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Is Calgary francophone?

No. The majority of people speak English. Street signs and billboards are in English but just like everywhere else in Canada things like cereal boxes will have both languages ( Full Answer )
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Why is Belgium a francophone?

It isn't. Belgium is bilinguistic: around 60% of the people speak Dutch (together with the people from Holland, but with a very different accent), around 40% of the Belgians s ( Full Answer )
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What does the meaning francophone?

Francophone means French-speaking. For instance, Belgium is a francophone country as French is an official language there.
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What are francophone countries?

Francophone countries are countries that speak french originally. They are NOT countries that are learning to speak french.
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Why is Monaco a francophone country?

Monaco is a francophone country because it is entirely surrounded by France. Therefore, people in Monaco speak French.
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Why is Monaco part of the Francophone community?

the territory of Monaco is an enclave in the south of France, near Nice. It has a 4.5 km-long border with France ; most people working in Monaco are living in the neighboring ( Full Answer )
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Why do Francophones have collective rights?

they have collective rights cause they are a minority language group in every province except Quebec (where you would find collective rights for anglophones).
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When do you capitalize francophone?

Only when it forms part of a title or is at the beginning of a sentence.
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What are the francophone in Europe?

"Francophone" means French-speaking. Apart from France and Monaco having French as the official language; Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg all have francophone populatio ( Full Answer )