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What is the origin of to be Frank?

  The Francs were the people who conquered the area the we now call France. The word franc referred to the free men who lived there after they conquered the land. So to "b (MORE)

What is Anne Frank about?

Anne Frank was a girl who lived during WWII. When she was 13 years old, she received a red and white checked diary for her birthday. Her mother and father were Edith and Otto (MORE)

Who is Frank Outlaw?

A guy named frank who was an outlaw         Frank Outlaw was a supermarket manager who founded the Bi-Lo supermarkets in South Carolina. He played a supermarket m (MORE)

Who is Frank Baum?

Lyman Frank Baum wrote the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the inspiration for the 1939 movie staring Judy Garland. He also wrote fourteen sequels and several other books.
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Who was Rebecca Franks?

    Rebecca Franks was a loyalist in colonial times. She believed that Americans should remain under british rule. She believed however that colonists should have some (MORE)

Who is Frank Hurley?

  Answer   Hwas an Austrailian photographer,filmaker, film producer and writer.
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Who was Frank outlaw?

Frank Outlaw was an alledged author/writer/scholar attributed for the famous"Watch your thoughts; it becomes your destiny" quote; alledgedly died in 1988; and questions of whe (MORE)