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What is Frank steatorrhea?

Steatorrhea is the "presence of an excess of fat in the stool."  Frank steatorrhea is thought of as diarrhea that is either soft,  watery, frothy, pale, greasy, voluminous, (MORE)

Is Frank Sinatra?

yes frank sinantra is well i should say "was" cute. hes nickname was blue eyes cuz he had blue eyes. Frank Sinatra was "cute" when he was the idol of the teenaged bobby-soxer (MORE)

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Who was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was a German girl born in 1929 in Frankfurt, she was  Jewish. In 1933 her family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands  (Holland) in order to get away from Nazi o (MORE)

Where is Anne Frank from?

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Her nationality  was German until 1941 when Hitler declared that the Jews didn't  have a nationality. She was then conside (MORE)

Who is Anne Frank and what did she do?

  Anne Frank was one of many Jewish people living during the Holocaust. She, her family, and some total strangers had to hide out from the Nazi's. Eventually, they were ca (MORE)

Who is Frank Gallucio?

  Frank Gallucio is the guy who gave Al Capone his nickname scraface. al was flirting with franks' younger sister and started making fun of him not knowing the two were si (MORE)

Where did the franks come from?

In 500 A.D. the world suddenly started cooling off. Several groups of people in Siberia could no longer live there. They headed toward Europe. One such group was the Huns. The (MORE)

What is the franking privilege?

"Privilege" franking is a personally pen-signed or printed facsimile signature of a person with a "franking privilege" such as certain government officials (especially legisla (MORE)