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Who is Frankenstein?

In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Frankenstein is  the surname of the main character, Victor Frankenstein. Victor was  the scientist who created the creature after h (MORE)

Where was the saddle club series 3 filmed?

All three seasons of The Saddle Club were filmed in Australia. More specifically, the series was filmed over 207-2008 at Porcupine Ridge Estate in Daylesford, Central Victoria (MORE)
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Who or what is Frankenstein?

Frankenstein is the name of a scientist who tried to create a person. He worked tirelessly to accomplish this feat. It backfired on him when he created a monster. Most people (MORE)

How do you film something about Sims 3?

You have to click on the little recording camera or camera in the bottom left corner to either film or take a picture. It is very simple. Once you press it, it takes the pictu (MORE)