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Who is Hilary Hahn?

  Answer   Hilary Hahn is a young woman violinist who has won awards for her classical music skills. She started playing music when she was very young and has gone o (MORE)
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How do you get from Frankfurt hahn to Frankfurt airport?

  Answer   Get a bus outside Hahn airport. There is a bus that goes into Frankfurt city which goes through Frankfurt airport and (eventually!) stops across from Frank (MORE)
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What is Frankfurt famous for?

Frankfurt is very well known for its skyscrapers, having two of tallest skyscrapers in the European Union, the Commerzbank Tower and the Messeturm. It is home to the Frankfurt (MORE)

Is there a designated smoking area at Frankfurt airport?

YES, I passed by FRA in JULY 2008 and smoking cubicles have been commissioned and are located near the duty free area in Terminal B.   Terminal 1   departures B, level 3 (MORE)

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