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What group was dennie laine in?

Denny Laine (ne Brian Hines) was a member of a number of groups, starting with Johnny Dean and the Dominators (he as Johnny Dean), which morphed into Denny Laine and the Diplo (MORE)
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Has chasey lain done interracial?

Yes. There was a scene she did with Mr. Marcus. As is the case with most contract girls that won't do interracial in their prime, this scene was later in her career.

How tall was Frankie?

Well, compared to 5' 7 1/2" Glenn Plummer (Jonas) in saw 2, when Franky (Xavier) is standing next to him, he's like at least 2 inches taller, so he's probably about 5'9 or 5'1 (MORE)
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Who is Frankie Grande?

frankie grande is the brother of ariana grande who plays cat on victorious frankie was on mama mia and dora on broadway and now he is a play producer look up ariana grande on (MORE)

Was Jeff chandler Frankie laines brother?

Jeff Chandler and Frankie Laine are not related, but they were both  active singers and actors in the 1950s, though Laine had a longer  career than Chandler. Laine was the e (MORE)

Who is Juan Nelson laines?

Es un estafador de marca mayor, tiene demandas en Honduras, Guatemala y EEUU, mas conocido como Juan Nelson, el hombre sin apellido. Se hospeda generalmente en el Hotel Interc (MORE)