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Where did Franklin Pierce grow up?

He grew up in Hillsborough , New Hampshire. His boyhood home is a state historical site, open to visitors.
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Where did Franklin Pierce go to school?

He got the basics from the local grade school at Hillsborough, NH.   Pierce attended Hanover (NH) Academy and Francestown (NH) Academy   and learned enough to pass the (MORE)

What schools did Franklin Pierce attend?

He went to the Hancock and Francestown Academies and Bowdoin College where he graduated. He then studied privately under lawyers until he passed the bar exam.
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What jobs did Franklin Pierce have?

Franklin Pierce practiced law in his home town of Hillsborough, NewHampshire and later moved to the state capital, Concord. He servedin the New Hampshire State House, was elec (MORE)

Where was Franklin Pierce from?

Franklin Pierce spent his life in New Hampshire. He lived justoutside of Concord, NH, as an adult. He was born and grew up in Hillsborough, New Hampshire . He went to college (MORE)

Did Franklin Pierce have any scandals?

Pierce had a good cabinet and he was honest, although he drank too  much. There was an international incident that leaked out over  attempts to buy Cuba and a veiled threat (MORE)

Is fort pierce named after Franklin Pierce?

Yes it was named after the 14th President Franklin Pierce and Fort Pierce is located in Florida. He served in office for four years and had three sons who all died before they (MORE)

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