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Did Franklin Pierce have pets?

He was given seven miniature Japanese dogs and two birds by  Commodore Perry that he brought back from Japan. He gave one away  to the wife of his friend , Secretary of War (MORE)

How long was Franklin pierce president?

Franklin Pierce was the President from March 4th 1853 to March 4th 1857. He was President for 4 years.
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Where was Franklin pierce born?

Franklin Pierce was born in a log house along the Contoocook River near Hillsborough, New Hampshire on November 23, 1804.
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When did Franklin Pierce get married?

On November 19, 1834, Pierce married Jane Means Appleton.   He married Jane Means Appleton Pierce in 1834
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Did Franklin pierce have kids?

franklin pierce had 3 boys but all died before 13 years old
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Is Franklin Pierce on a dollar bill?

He's considered a minor president and does not appear on any current bill. There is a one-dollar US coin with his likeness on it that is currently in circulation. It is part o (MORE)

Did Franklin pierce have a monument?

Yes, he does have a monument named Franklin Pierce Monument. It consists features a statue of him and is found on the state capitol grounds grounds at Concord, NH. There is a (MORE)

Is fort pierce named after Franklin Pierce?

Yes it was named after the 14th President Franklin Pierce and Fort Pierce is located in Florida. He served in office for four years and had three sons who all died before they (MORE)