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What is fraternization?

Fraternization means associating with others in a brotherly or congenial way. It also means associating on friendly terms with an enemy or opposing group, often in violation o (MORE)

How did fraternity start?

  The origin of the college fraternity dates back to December 5, 1776 with the creation of Phi Beta Kappa. Originally a secret society, it later changed in the 1830's to b (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of a fraternity?

  Fraternities are focused mostly on social aspects of college such as partying, dating, and alcohol use. However most academic programs are quite rigorous and difficult, (MORE)

Can you quit a fraternity?

  Yes you can, but it depends on how you leave. If you decide to be an active member and then abruptly decide to leave, your actions will be frowned upon. However, if you (MORE)
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What does fraternal mean as in fraternal twins?

  Fraternal means "brother-like." Identical twins result from a single fertilzed egg dividing into two separate embryos so the twins share all DNA. Fraternal twins resul (MORE)

Is a fraternity bad?

fraternity's are a great place to make life long freindships, learn valuable leadership skills, get involved in philanthropies, participate in collegiate events, get academic (MORE)

What is fraternal movement?

Sounds like the movement and progression of a fraternity. Any fraternity, that tries to further its ideals, or anything that promotes its intentions or priorities, would be in (MORE)

What is a fraternal sibling?

The most common type of multiple pregnancy. Fraternal twins occur  when two different eggs are fertilized by different sperm. Because  these types of siblings do not share a (MORE)