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What is a fraternity?

  Strictly speaking, a fraternity is a "brotherhood." In the United States, on colleges campuses, fraternities are organizations that young men join, in which they live to (MORE)

What is a Masonic fraternity? says Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that arose from obscure origins in the late 16th to early 17th century. Freemasonry now (MORE)

What is fraternization?

Fraternization means associating with others in a brotherly or congenial way. It also means associating on friendly terms with an enemy or opposing group, often in violation o (MORE)

What does fraternization mean?

  Fraternization ~ n. The act of fraternizing or uniting as brothers; associating with others in a friendly or brotherly manner, especially with an enemy. Source: Answ (MORE)

What is fraternal twins?

Fraternal twins are produced when the female double ovulates and a different sperm fertilizes each egg. They can be the same sex or each a different sex. They are, of course n (MORE)
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What does fraternal mean as in fraternal twins?

  Fraternal means "brother-like." Identical twins result from a single fertilzed egg dividing into two separate embryos so the twins share all DNA. Fraternal twins resul (MORE)

Can fraternities own fraternity houses?

Yes, it varies from organization to organization and campus to campus; But many fraternity chapters across North America establish separate 501(c)7 housing corporations to fin (MORE)