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Can a fraudulent check be collected from a person on disability?

  Answer   You could sue and get a judgment, but most states would not allow you to garnish the disability benefits to collect the judgment. If the person on disabil (MORE)

Are there papers you can file about a fraudulent marriage?

That should be reported to the District Attorney's office of the county in which the fraud took place. You aren't "filing", you are simply presenting him with the evidence of (MORE)
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What is fraudulent check?

I believe a fraudulent check is when a check has no funds to cover it, or has a stop payment, and its deposited to defraud the bank.   It can also be a check that belongs t (MORE)

What does fraudulent mean?

Fraudulent means deceitful, or acting on fraud. "A fraudulent scheme to escape paying taxes". Fraudulent means something that is faked. A lie.
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How can you get out of a fraudulent marriage?

  Answer   Get an annulment. If the marraige was based on lies or something was illegal, you don't need a divorce. You annul the marraige by filing at the local cour (MORE)

What if the signatures on a quitclaim deed are fraudulent?

A false signature on a quitclaim deed makes the entire document  invalid. No legal property transfer takes place, and the original  owner still retains title. A notary publi (MORE)
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Can a certified check be fraudulent?

It is possible to counterfeit a certified cheque. It is easier to do so than to counterfeit paper money, but paper money does not usually leave a "paper trail" whereas a coun (MORE)