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How do you freak dance?

Freak Dance Guidelines Usually the boy stands behind the girl and the girl swings her hips in either a circular motion, or a figure 8 motion; the boy will most likely follow (MORE)

What does freak out mean?

When one freaks out they basically panic. They may scream or get up and leave the situation. An example of someone freaking out would be them ordering soup at a restaurant onl (MORE)

How does freak die in Freak the Mighty?

He died because his heart got too big for his body. Watching it in the movie is SO SAD, especially after the little moment he has with Max. Oh my gosh. So sad. His heart got (MORE)

Who is freak and who is mighty?

Freak is the nik-name of Kevin who is Max's best friend.He invented "Freak the Mighty" nik-name for both of them because together they are really mighty; Kevin, the small brai (MORE)

When you have schizophrenia can you freak out?

Depends on what you mean by freak out. There are many different types of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is an umbrella term for different types of schizo-affective disorders. If (MORE)

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