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What is a Freak?

It can mean some one with a special physical or mental disorder.. It is also a derogatory adjective that can be used to describe a bizzare or unatural person or thing.

What is a freak-out?

An experience or scene of unrestrained excitement or irrational behavior. That's the dictionary definition. When someone plans a freak out, the essentially create the same kin (MORE)

What happens in freak the freak out?

Cat and Jade lose to 2 snobby girls at a Karaoke contest so they asked Tori for revenge. Before she was asked that she was babysitting her sister who just got her wisdom tooth (MORE)

Why are you such a freak?

Who says your a freak. I don't know you but ur not a freak. People have there own opinions to others and just because you don't do things other people do doesn't mean your dif (MORE)