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How do you talk freaky?

First, you imitate Dora the Explorer. Tell them where to go through songs. Then call them boots. Then take on a more darth vadar tone.. and tell them to come to the dark side. ( Full Answer )
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Is plies freaky?

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What is freaky sex?

Trying new things during sex. Like new positions, such as dog style, up against the wall, etc.. Basically anything that you and your partner haven't done, BUT mainly the wild ( Full Answer )
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What does freaky-freaky fresh mean?

Its actually said 'Fricka Fricka Fricka Fricka FRESH!' There is also a funny dance to go with this happy catchphrase but that is basically it. It is just merely an interesting ( Full Answer )
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How do you get freaky with my boyfriend?

turn him on. wear a sexy outfit next time you see him. be sexy and start kissing and dont stop. then that should lead you to whatever you need/want.
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How do you be freaky in bed?

The most freaky item I own is a ghost mask. I suppose if I wore that to bed, that could be considered "freaky in bed".
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Are Virgos freaky and why?

I think it all depends, because if the Virgo does not have a high sex drive he/she will not perform as well. Therefore, don't let the shell or disguise fool you. I am a Virgo ( Full Answer )
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How can I get the freaky forester?

Those random events are random - you can't control what event you get, or when. Some say that getting a lot of experience will improve your chances of getting some random even ( Full Answer )
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How freaky are Taurus?

Very. Taurus are neat and stable on the outside, but are wild and sexual on the inside.......undercover freaks for sure!
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Is freaky an adverb?

No, it is an adjective. The rarely seen adverb is freakily. Thesimilar adjective freakish (like a freak) has the common adverbform "freakishly."