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How Many Kids Did Fred Astaire Have?

He had two (one boy, one girl), but the wife that he had them with (first one... married till she died... named Phyllis Livingston Potter) had a son from a previous marriage. (MORE)

Was Fred astaire married?

  Yes, twice first in 1933 to Phyllis Potter (who died in 1954) and then in 1980, to Robyn Smith.
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How much did Fred Astaire weigh?

In Bing Crosby's autobiography he stated that Fred Astaire started the movie "Holiday Inn" weighing 140 pounds but worked so hard that by the conclusion of filming he weighed (MORE)

Fred Astaire-- Did Fred attend a college?

No. He started taking dance lessons at 5 years of age and by the time he was 6.5 years old, he and his sister landed a professional contact as dancers. His mother home-schoole (MORE)

How did Fred Astaire learn to dance?

  Fred and Adele   Fred and his sister, Adele, learned to dance when they were very young. Their mother took them to New York to study dance. They performed in their (MORE)
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How does Fred Astaire walk on the ceiling?

The whole set is installed in a huge barrel which is rolling. Fred Astaire is actually always on the ground but the room is upside down. The camera is rolling as well.   (MORE)

Did FRed Astaire have insurAnce for his feet?

Yes he did. Actually he had insurance on his legs and not just the feet though. Keith Richards insured a finger and you can guess what Dolly Parton insured.
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