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What school did Fred figglehorn school in Fred the movie?

The picture from the movie is Elk Grove High School in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Several douchebags actually attend there, Fred Figglehorn nor Lucas Cruikshank have ever (MORE)

Did Fred say you are Fred you own a mansion when he was hypnotized?

No, that was Bugs Bunny. I psychiatrist hypnotizes him and has him repeat the phrase, "I am Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht."
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Fred Astaire-- Did Fred attend a college?

No. He started taking dance lessons at 5 years of age and by the time he was 6.5 years old, he and his sister landed a professional contact as dancers. His mother home-schoole (MORE)

How do you spell Fred?

That is the usual spelling of the proper noun, the male given name Fred. It may be a shortened form of Frederick, Fredrick, Friedrich, Freidrich, or Alfred.
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What rhymes with Fred?

One- and two-syllable End Rhymes of Fred: aforesaid aheadairhead beachhead bed bedspread bedstead behead bighead biped blackhead bled blockhead blood-red bloodshe (MORE)
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How do bells ring?

The ringing of a bell is a fairly complicated physical process. Basically when a bell is struck, the shape of the bell is slightly deformed by the creation of a "shockwave" or (MORE)

What is the yoke of a bell?

The yoke of a bell is the large curved part that the bell hangs from. It usually has two rounded ends that stick out on either side to fit into the bottom curved part that is (MORE)

What is the bell of rights?

    the first ten amendments to the US Constitution,  ratified in 1791 and guaranteeing such rights as the freedoms of  speech, assembly, and worship.      (MORE)
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Who is Tobin Bell?

Tobin Bell is an actor who is best known for playing the role of the villain, John Kramer (often referred to by his nickname, "Jigsaw") in the Saw movies. See the Related Link (MORE)

Who was Fred Thomson?

"Fred Thomson" was a silent movie star (1890-1928) who died  of a tetanus infection.    "Fred Dalton Thompson" (1942-2015) was a lawyer, lobbyist,  actor, and US sena (MORE)