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Where did the Jenkins surname originate?

The proud and noble Welsh surname of Jenkins is first found in  Monmouthshire (Welsh: Sir Fynwy), where they are on record as  having anciently held a family seat- long befo (MORE)

Who plays Freddy in Jason vs Freddy?

Robert Englund has portrayed Freddy Krueger every time so far. (with the exception of the 2010 remake - Jackie Earle Haley played the part)
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Where did the surname Jenkins originate?

Britain. Jenkins means "little John" or "son of John" It originally was Jan-kins (little Jan).   The addition of kin to a name is of Flemish derivation. The name Jenkins is (MORE)

Quotes from the changeling by robin jenkins?

"The splendour and beauty of the great beast would have been extinguished." "a product of the environment" "Never to whine; to accept all what came; to wait for better; to l (MORE)

How did Freddie die?

  He died of HIV-AIDS yall   cos this is a hick town yall'!
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Who is Katherine Jenkins married to?

Katherine is in a relationship and unmarried, but she prefers for her private life to be kept to herself. Hope I could help!
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What is freddy fazbear?

A animatronic bear from an old restruant Freddy fazbear pizzeria  but has been closed down and now a scary game franchise that Scott  cawthon had made