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Who is Frederick Moby?

He invented a better halogen light lamp that would fit into a regular light socket in 1960 while working as an engineer at General Electric. See the related link for more info (MORE)

Who was Frederick bailes?

  Dr. Frederick Bailes was born into a family of pioneers in New Zealand and was educated to be a medical missionary. Just as he was completing his training he was found t (MORE)
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Where did Hudson sail to?

  The Hudson River valley in New York, and later on the Hudson Bay up in Canada. He sailed for the Dutch and eventually his crew led a mutiny against him.   He sailed f (MORE)

Who was Frederick Douglass?

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey Douglass  (circa 1818-1895) was an abolitionist for the North and fought to  free slaves, born in Talbot county, Maryland in February 18 (MORE)

When did Henry Hudson discover the Hudson bay?

On his final voyage to North America, Henry Hudson sailed into Hudson Bay on August 2, 1610. (After exploring the bay, he found his ship blocked by ice and was trapped there (MORE)

Who is Frederick Douglass?

Frederick is a famous abolitionist. He was previously a slave, but obtained freedom later. He wrote a book on his personal accounts of slavery. He aided the union in the civil (MORE)

How did the Hudson river get named after Henry Hudson?

It is named for Henry Hudson, an English man sailing for the Dutch East India Company, who explored it in 1609. The Hudson River was originally named the Mauritius River, whic (MORE)