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What is Prussia?

    Answer       Prussia was the name of the second largest state in the Holy Roman Empire from about 1740-1800 and in the German Confederation of 1815-18 (MORE)
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How did Frederick William gain absolute power in Prussia?

Frederick William ruled Prussia after the Thirty Years' War. Known as the Great Elector, he made a deal with the powerful nobles in the various parts of Prussia. In exchange f (MORE)
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What were the Goals and accomplishments of Frederick the Great of Prussia?

Frederick was an 18th century Prussian king most famous for elevating Prussia (or Brandenburg) from a smaller power on equal footing with states such as Saxony and Bohemia int (MORE)

Why did Frederick William of Prussia refuse the throne?

Frederick William IV of Prussia was king of Prussia during the  Revolutions of 1848, often nicknamed the "Spring of Nations".  During the revolution, a German parliament sta (MORE)

Did Frederick II of Prussia have children?

No, Frederick's marriage to Princess Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Bevern in 1733 did not result in issue. In 1740, then King, he declared his brother, Augustus William, Pr (MORE)

How did Frederick the Great expand the power of Prussia?

When Frederick the Great wanted to expand Prussia into a great  nation, he conducted a series of wars. He planned an invasion of  the Austrian province Silesia. One war of i (MORE)