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Did Frederick II of Prussia have children?

No, Frederick's marriage to Princess Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Bevern in 1733 did not result in issue. In 1740, then King, he declared his brother, Augustus William, Pr (MORE)

Will Prince William succeed Queen Elizabeth II?

There's a chance he might do so directly. Prince William is second in line to the throne, after his father, Prince Charles. When Queen Elizabeth II passes on the crown, by dea (MORE)
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When did Prussia become Prussia?

Prussia began as a small duchy in 1525, and later unified with the German state of Brandenburg (where Berlin is located.) a few decades later. Thus, the German state of Prussi (MORE)

How did sir frederick william herschel discover infrared?

He used blackened light bulbs to measure the heat of the colors in the rainbow/spectrum. He found that red was the hottest. So he did more studies and called it "calorific ray (MORE)

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Was sir William mallory in Queen Elizabeth II line?

Sheila Mallory-Smith asserts in her book, "A History of the Mallory  Family" (Phillamore 1985) that Queeen Elizabeth II, through her  mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, is related (MORE)

Why was William II important?

William July, II (now Dr. William July) was one of the leading authors in an era of groundbreaking author-entrepreneurs during the period circa 1995-2002 when several original (MORE)

Why did Frederick William of Prussia refuse the throne?

Frederick William IV of Prussia was king of Prussia during the  Revolutions of 1848, often nicknamed the "Spring of Nations".  During the revolution, a German parliament sta (MORE)

How did Frederick Williare you help to unify Prussia after the death of his father in 1713?

Frederick began to build his nation's status when Leopold I,  archduke of Austria and Holy Roman emperor, was convinced by  Frederick to allow Prussia to be ruled as a kingd (MORE)