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Do we have free will?

Answer: Humans have free will (absolute natural liberty)to think & act within the psycho-cognitive domain that permits freedom.However as humans are bound to a social contract (MORE)

What is free?

to have your own right to do much what ever you want but not all the time because you can not go aroung robbing stores

Free of will?

The definition of free of will is the ability to think and actvoluntarily. Most philosophers argue that human being use free willto choose their actions.

What is Free Will?

Free Will is a concept and has not been proven or disproven, though the human knowledge up till now tends to disprove it. Many believe that we must have free will otherwise we (MORE)

What is a free will?

Free will is a term used to describe how human beings are free to choose what they want to do, and act how they please.. It means that humans are free from the direct control (MORE)

Do we have a free will?

Yes, Petrarch argued quite successfully that foreknowledge by God does not eliminate free will. To put it in the simplest of terms I will use a scene from Futurama. (silly yes (MORE)
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As free as a.?

As free as a bird is a popular saying. It is also a song by The Beatles.

Do you have free will?

Yes, everyone has free will. To answer your question. The only thing that might make someone think they do not have free will is the situation they are in or they feel like th (MORE)