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What is thought?

Thought is commonly thought of as, loosely speaking, something that is "in your head. They are what you think about because you want to have a good thought most of the time." (MORE)

Who thought that Dred Scott should have been free?

Dred Scott, himself, thought that he should be free after being a resident of a free state, Illinois, which was created under the anti-slavery conditions of the Northwest Ordi (MORE)

How does the Google search engine earn money. I thought it is a free search engine.?

It is free to use but its advertisers who pays them to make them rich. Whenever you type something google shows ads on right hand side, on the top and the bottom stating ADS. (MORE)

Is constant vigilant skepticism the key and answer to set you free from all thought that would otherwise enslave and entrap you such as religion?

Totally a matter of opinion. I personally believe that asking questions and weighing the evidences on both sides is the only way to be sure to find truth. But you have to take (MORE)

How can someone have just one day free of intrusive thoughts and memories at any cost?

Many of the thoughts that arise in the mind are counter-productuvecreating emotions of anxiety, ill will, and self-doubt. Feelingoverwhelmed with inner self-talk, random exces (MORE)
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Which company is thought to provide the best free email service?

While there is no "best" email service, there are many great free email service providers (in fact, nearly all email providers are free). A few popular ones include gmail, yah (MORE)

Can a computer ever be capable of feeling free will and original thought?

Not ones built with the "automated arithmetic calculator" typearchitectures used today. They are deterministic and "free will"(whatever it really is) is very nondeterministic. (MORE)