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What is the purpose of a freecell pile in solitaire?

The purpose of an empty pile (free cell) is so that cards can be reorganized more easily. Switching cards to the empty cell as an intermediate step opens the game up a lot, in ( Full Answer )
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Can the player or computer win freecell game 30369?

Start with the fourth col. from the left, put the two on top - 10 on top - 3 on the four - 8 on the nine - 8 on top and the black ten goes on the remaining jack. Move the f ( Full Answer )
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How do you cheat in freecell?

Press Ctrl+Shift+F10 and you will come up with a screen that says press abort to win , retry to lose, and Ignore to cancel
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Where can one find information on playing freecell?

Freecell is a type of online game which is a variant of the card game Solitaire. Solitaire Laboratory features frequently asked questions and information about Free cell. Ev ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find freecell?

Freecell is a computer game that is also found on smart phone apps. It usually comes preloaded on computers in the game section. If not it is searchable online to be downloade ( Full Answer )
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What are the basic rules of FreeCell Solitaire?

In Free Cell solitaire, one may only move a single card at a time. The object is to move all cards to the Home Cells in ascending order, from Ace to King, by suit. The Free Ce ( Full Answer )
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Where can someone play Freecell online?

The popular card game 'Freecell' can be played on-line at Yahoo Games, Candystand, 123 Freecell, Green Felt, Facebook, Best Flash Games and MSN Games.