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What is freedom?

Freedom is an ambiguous term which means very different things to various people in various times and places. Personally, I believe freedom has two main components: . The ( Full Answer )
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What if you did not have freedom?

If you did not have freedom. You would probly have to basicly be a slave, you wouldn't be able to vote, you to get to the point you would have to do what people say.
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Which is correct its freedom or it's freedom?

Both are correct, depending upon context . Its freedom is possessive ("A dog enjoys its freedom."). It's freedom means "It is freedom."
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What is the Presidential Medal of Freedom a freedom from?

It refers to the Freedom that got the American people when they independized from the United Kingdom. The Freedom that allowed the formation of the United States of America.
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Why you can't say no to freedom in freedom?

Because freedom is the thing that all people want, so you can't say no to freedom.You will be sad of it later...
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Differentiate freedom for and freedom from?

Freedom for: To gain freedom for someone or something who is being enslaved or controlled, to deliver freedom to someone or something who's not free, to make someone or someth ( Full Answer )
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What did Moses do for freedom?

Moses gave up his place as a son of the Pharoah and left Egypt, andafter being commanded to free his people in an encounter with the'burning bush' returned to demand that the ( Full Answer )
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What freedoms are included in religious freedom?

Religious freedom in the United States is defined by the FirstAmendment to the Constitution of the United States. The FirstAmendment simply states that the government cannot i ( Full Answer )
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What can freedom do?

o.k i think the best answer to freedom and why when and how...?/! FREEDOM ; by going where you want to go by speaking when you want to by not beening locked up