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Differentiate freedom for and freedom from?

Freedom for: To gain freedom for someone or something who is being enslaved or controlled, to deliver freedom to someone or something who's not free, to make someone or someth (MORE)

Why does freedom of assembly include freedom of association?

It is not merely the right to assembly, but that, coupled with the right to petition, that grant the right to association. The right to associate, to meet together and advocat (MORE)

What is the Evaluation and significance of the symbols associated with India's freedom movement?

One of the most well known symbols of India's independence movement  was the spinning wheel. The type of spinning wheel used is called a  Charkha which is one of the oldest (MORE)

What is an associate?

An associate is a "friend of" or a "guy" of a current made-man member of the mob. Usually an associate conducts business with the mob(or just one made-man), but some of them (MORE)

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