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Does Australia have freedom of speech?

  Freedom of speech   Australians are free, within the bounds of the law, to say or write what we think privately or publicly, about the government, or about any topi (MORE)

Why did freedom of speech start?

It started because everyone fought over people saying certain things.Voltaire was tired of everyone fighting.You should have your own right to speak your mind If you're smart (MORE)
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Does freedom of speech apply to minors?

No technically freedom of speech does not apply to minors. A good example would be a school censoring a students article in a school news paper which would be perfectly ok to (MORE)

Freedom of speech means you can cuss?

In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, particulary if your speech infringes on somebody e (MORE)

What guarantees freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech is a part of the first amendment of the constitution. The rights in the constitution that are given to all citizens are only relevant if you are in a spot wh (MORE)
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What is role of Areopagitica in freedom of speech?

Much has been done by the people of yore in their struggle in effectively materializing the concept of 'freedom of speech' or the 'press freedom', which we verily enjoy in tod (MORE)

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