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What is the system requirement of freedom fighter 2?

Freedom Fighters 2 Publisher: EA Games Developer: IO Interactive Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows XP Processor: Pentium 3 @ 733 Mhz Memory: 128 Mb Hard Drive: 650 Mb fr (MORE)

What were the 4 freedoms in World War 2?

  1. Freedom from fear.   2. Freedom from want.   3. Freedom of speech.   4. Freedom to worship.   These four freedoms were stated by President Franklin D. Roo (MORE)

In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is there a felyne comrade If there is. how do you get them?

You can't get felynes to fight with you on by buying or paying them. There are black and white felynes in all of the maps. The black ones steal your supplies, and the white on (MORE)

Why is freedom of thought important?

The freedom of thought is important because all people have a right to what they believe; there should never be a delegate to what someone thinks. Without the freedom of thoug (MORE)