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What is the freedom of press and petition?

In 1735, a journalist from the New York colony, John Peter Zenger, was put in prison and nearly sentenced to death just for writing some criticism of the Royal Governor in the (MORE)

Why do you have freedom of press?

That is a good question. And what is 'freedom of the press' anyway. The reason a government should affirm freedom of the press is to enable the free flow of ideas. In a democr (MORE)

Why press freedom is important in democracy?

When the press is free to write without fear of punishment, then they are not afraid to write the truth, even when it offends those with lots of power. By being able to writ (MORE)

What is freedom of press from the Bill of Rights?

Freedom of press is 1 of 5 amendments in the Bill of Rights. It is stating that any member of press (newspapers, magazines, radio's, etc.) have rights to publish any informati (MORE)

What is Freedom of the Press?

Answer: Freedom of press is the right to print or publish something without governmental interference, though there are restrictions, which lead to punishments if dishonored (MORE)

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