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What is a freeform pool?

a free form pol is a pool that is made in any shape that suits the builder or the situation where it needs to fit.
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What is the samsung freeform SCH-R350 like?

I ordered one, and this phone is very attractive and used mainly for texting and not talking. One of the drawbacks is that the phone is kind of delicate, so you have to be ge ( Full Answer )
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How freeform dreads?

Wash your hair, keep it clean and it will dread over time. A lot of people dont have the patients for organic dreads. So you'll get some people telling you you should twist yo ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix my samsung freeform phone?

you cannot fix it you have to go to the corporate office and getanother one if you have a new one and it has a warranty then youget it free, but if you dont have a year warran ( Full Answer )
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Can you watch videos on the samsung freeform phone?

samsung freeform can watch youtube video, and i'm sure other videosite too. for music you can insert a micro sd card. this phone canrun java script, display images, play sound ( Full Answer )
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How do i get lyrics on my Samsung freeform?

If you're talking about lyrics to music, the music file that you put on the phone has to have a lyrics file attached to it and sync it to the phone.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Freeform - 1970?

The cast of Freeform - 1970 includes: Reno Abellira as himself Ben Aipa as himself Rolf Aurness as himself Corky Carroll as himself Midget Farrelly as himself David Nuuhiwa as ( Full Answer )