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Is ciara a freemason?

No Masonic Grand Lodge in the USA allows women as Freemasons.  However, women can be Freemasons however not by any Masonic body  chartered by the United Grand Lodge of Engla (MORE)

Was Hitler a freemason?

Adolph Hitler, Nazi Party leader of Germany, was not a Freemason. Hitler outlawed Freemasonry in Germany on March 23, 1933 under the "Enabling Act", and confiscated all Masoni (MORE)

How can you join freemason?

Ask one to be one. In this age of web everything, find the grand Lodge of (your state or country) and there will be a page about what one needs to do to petition for membershi (MORE)

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What are the freemasons?

First "Freemasons" is a shortening of the actual name which is Free and Accepted Masons. The Free and Accepted Masons are members of a fraternal organisation that has a histor (MORE)

What does a freemason believe in?

Freemasons must believe in the existence of a Supreme Being before  being allowed to join the Lodge. Masonic Lodges do not attempt to  impart any beliefs to people, but only (MORE)

How do you find freemason?

Look for their lodges. Most advertise in the local paper, street signs or the internet. You can identify a Lodge by the square and compasses emblem displayed about the buildin (MORE)

How do you join freemasons?

All you have to do to be a Freemason is ask a Freemason to join the Lodge.
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What are the beliefs of freemasons?

Freemasonry has three basic principles: Brotherly Love, Truth and  Relief.    Brotherly Love is what makes Freemasons a Fraternity. Truth is the  hallmark of our deal (MORE)

Why becoming a freemason?

To plagiarize the answer from the question "Why are Freemasons Freemasons?" "Men join the Fraternity of Freemasons for the same or similar reasons as people join any other s (MORE)