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What is freestyle running?

Freestyle running also know as Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment. It is (MORE)

What is a freestyle to music dressage test?

A musical freestyle is a pattern ridden by horse and rider specifically choreographed to music, either for competition or demonstration. The most common types are the musical (MORE)
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What is Frisbee freestyle?

Disc freestyle is an event where teams of two or three players perform a routine which consists of a series of creative throwing and catching techniques set to music. The rout (MORE)

Where did freestyle skiing originate?

    Freestyle Skiing       According to the page linked to the right, "What is Freestyle Skiing,":     Freestyle skiing was organized in Canada in (MORE)

What is freestyle canoeing?

Freestyle canoeing is form of canoeing adopted forquiet still water canoeing and empahasizes smooth and efficient paddling and good boat control.
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Who are the top ten freestyle skiers?

Well I don't know the exact ranking but the skiiers that are up there are: Simon Dumont Tanner Hall Sammy Carlson Bobby Brown Nick Martini Eric Polard Pep Fujas Henrik Harlau (MORE)

What is the history of freestyle swimming?

Freestyle swimming came about because some people can swim really  quickly but not necessarily in one style. Freestyle swimming allows  people to swim in varied styles as lo (MORE)

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What is frisbee freestyle competition?

Two or more Frisbee competitors displaying various creative throwing and catching techniques, judged by fellow competitors on difficulty, variety and execution. The first fr (MORE)