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How many miles direct from freetown sierra Leone to London UK?

The air distance from Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa, to London, England, United Kingdom, is 3,056 miles. That equals 4,918 kilometers or 2,656 nautical miles.
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Did anyone from Freetown MA die in Vietnam?

No one from Freetown, Mass., is listed as having died in Vietnam. No one gave either of the two villages of Freetown as their home town. 22 people from nearby Fall River died (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Freetown - 2002?

The cast of Freetown - 2002 includes: Daniel Arroja as Skin Roger Capdevila as Skin Ernesto Collado as Poble 3 Jaume Cubells as Skin Imad Dali as Omar Dani Ekumezi as Abu Moha (MORE)